The Ultimate Miami To-Do List (Updated 2019)

1) Visit Ocean Drive for dinner

This is the hot spot for nightlife and the sidewalk on Ocean Drive is a one-of-a-kind spot to enjoy a meal.

2) See a game! 

Miami is home to the Miami Heat, the Marlins, the Dolphins, and will soon also be home to David Beckham's MLS team.

3) Visit the Seaquarium

This is Miami's aquarium and it is one of the best in the country!

4) Take a cruise

Miami is one of the world's busiest cruise ship ports and one of the most popular destinations is the Bahamas, just a few hours away.

5) Visit Zoo Miami

The zoo is located to the south of the city and the Kendall area.The zoo boasts 750 acres of habitat and more than 500 different animal species.

6) Rent an exotic car

This is one of the only places in the country where you can drive an exotic car year-round. There is no shortage of exotic car rental companies here in Miami. The scooter rentals are also just as popular especially in the Miami Beach area.

7) Rent a jet ski

Miami is an interesting place to jet ski because you can rip through the open ocean or tour slowly through the intercoastal waterways around the city. As you can imagine three are also a variety of jet ski, fishing boat, yacht, and pleasure craft rental and charter companies here.

8) Go skydiving - Not for the faint-hearted

9) Tour the Florida Everglades on a fan boat

10) Hit the beach! Our beaches run all of the way up and down the coastline, virtually non-stop.

Here are a few more of our favorite local businesses that you can add to your to-do list: